Volunteer:  As an ESL Discussion Partner (No Teaching, Just Talk)

Are you interested in volunteering to be our discussion-chat participant?  It will equips you with valuable skills in Socratic discussions, witness teaching techniques, and accumulate your volunteer hours.  All you have to do is chat with our students, and all you need is a strong foundation in English.

We Provide:

  1. 推薦信 (Letter of Recommendation)
  2. 時間卡 (Time Certificates)
  3. ESL 教導訓練 (ESL Educatoin Training)
  4. 蘇格拉底辯證法學習/訓練 (Socratic Seminar Techniques)

如果有興趣的話,聯絡: teach@spokesmanship.com

If Interested, Contact: teach@spokesmanship.com

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